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There’s a huge leap in credibility between telling people you’re the greatest and getting a respected third party to say that you are in fact the best in your field.   And that’s the point of PR:  persuading others to believe and repeat your message as part of their industry commentary.

At Sand Hill Communications, we understand the power of PR, and the particular challenges associated with taking complex technology messages to the broader market.  We provide high level public relations consultation for fast-growth technology companies , helping them create and expand their reach and accelerate progress towards their goals with focused, streamlined and intelligent communications to relevant audiences. 

We have a truly global perspective based on years of experience in delivering high-impact public relations programs throughout the world.  We  bring strategy, order, process and results to emerging or existing public relations programs. We create a link between your business goals and the audiences you most need to address.  From initial awareness to targeted strategic programs, we help you align and deliver communications to achieve measurable objectives

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