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The 'Shanghai Lily' Column

Shanghai Lily Rides Again

The underprivileged long-distance traveler laments the demise of luxury travel.


It’s a mine field …

Let’s be clear and let’s be cautious.  Choose your words carefully, or they could be taken in entirely the wrong way.


Double Rubble

- Bathroom renovations by, with and for the inept

Shopping – Art or Science?

Take shopping seriously, even when on a Far Eastern outing with many new best friends.


A Rose By Any Other Name …

Have you noticed that there are a lot of words and phrases that don’t actually mean anything?  

Mary is a prolific writer of all kinds of material, from her ‘Shanghai Lily’ column for Homme Magazine to white papers on the evolution of LTE.  To view some of her work, please contact her at

Articles, White Papers and Case Studies

Technologies and Strategies for the Mobile Broadband Capacity Crunch

 – a perspective on Wi-Fi offload


4G Trends

– Don’t throw LTE under the end-to-end bus

The Eyes Have it

Why layered technologies and visual authentication capabilities are the way forward for advanced card ID programs


LaserCard White Paper 

The Growing Trend for Multi-Technology Credentials


Secure ID Documents and Human Rights

– article for Secure ID News   


The National ID Card in Angola

- case study on the deployment of Angola’s new identity card

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